PB&J Soup

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So it’s not really soup.  Makes one serving.  First of all, you will need:

-one and a half tablespoons of jelly

-one or two tablespoons of peanut butter

-half a cup of Malt O Meal

-one cup of room temperature water


-a bowl

-a spoon


-a microwave

1.  Pour the Malt O Meal into the bowl, then cover with water.  More water makes thinner, more soup-like, PB&J soup.

2.  Microwave the Malt O Meal and water for about one minute on high.  Times will vary between microwaves.

3. When the microwave is done, take out the cooked Malt O Meal.  While it’s still hot, put in the peanut butter.  Stir.  Add the jelly, and stir again, until everything is mixed thoroughly.

4.  Put away ingredients, let cool slightly, and serve!


Stay sharp!


Apple Cider Plus

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1 cup of apple cider

1/3 of a cap of lemon juice (per person)

1 Tablespoon of cranberry juice


1 cup/glass per person

Steps :

shake the cider, lots

pour into cup

add 1/3 cap of lemon juice

add 1TB of cranberry juice

add hot water  *optional



Apple Shaving Oatmeal

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ingredients:Apple Shaving Oatmeal

Old fashion Oats

Fresh Apple

* Cinnamon Sugar

* Milk


Kettle Or Sauce Pan

One Bowl Per Person

Steak Or Kitchen knife

cutting board

Steps :

Fill the Kettle With water

let boil.

Fill bowl with oatmeal

core apple and plant if organic and throw away if not

Cut apple into small slices

put apple into oatmeal

add boiling water to just cover the oatmeal

*add cinnamon and sugar

*add milk

Let cool and serve.